Graphite Pencil Artist 

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Who is the “graphite pencil artist” John D. Herz?

For the first 58 years of my life I had no clue I had any real artistic talent, though I always liked to draw. I doodled mostly and from time to time tried my hand at some serious drawing, but I never believed I had the skills to be an “artist.” On my 58th birthday my better half, Nancy, took me to an art store and as a gift bought me what I needed to get started drawing again, since I hadn’t drawn in years. And this is where the fun began.

Please Enjoy The Video To Your Right and Witness An Artists Rediscovery.

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Portraits of the Stars
“Presenting Tony Orlando Portrait”
This is a portrait of Tony Orlando I presented to him for his 50th anniversary in show biz.
Latest Artwork
Super Bowl Champion Ray Lewis

This portrait turned out to be a true touchdown!
Ray Lewis – Superbowl Champion
Sharing Art Stories with Leroy NeimanI had a once in a lifetime experience, meeting Leroy Neiman several months before he passed. I admired him most of my life and soaked up the opportunity to get personal advice as he thumbed through my pencil drawings. He said, “John, you are very talented, don’t change a thing, just keep drawing”.P1040576P1040581